Whether you have an outfit in mind, or just an idea, I can source or commission everything you need to hit the right note. I will always tell you whether something suits you, and never let you walk away without being happy with what you are wearing.

My studio is in Shoreditch, in the middle of fashionable and creative London, and with a vast number of contacts, ranging from vibrant and exciting new designers, to established, international fashion houses, I can find anything and everything you need.

One of the many reasons for using me, is to save you time, and ultimately, money. I will identify the best shops, designers and brands for your lifestyle and budget, so we won’t waste time going into every shop looking for something we are not going to find there. I won’t let you settle for something, or buy for the sake of it.

I believe that finding key pieces, matched to your needs, is an investment worth making, because they will always make you feel good and confident and ultimately, they save you money, because you have one thing that works, rather than 3 that don’t.

From £1,000 following a complementary phone consultation.